Fitbit Sleep Tracker

When I woke up this morning, I looked at the Fitbit App to see how I slept.

Fitbit Sleep Tracker

Fitbit Sleep Tracker

Looking at the information, I started wondering just how the sleep tracker worked so I headed over to the Fitbit site to see if I could get some more information.

The first thing that I discovered was that there are two sleep settings, Normal and Sensitive.  The normal setting will record big movements such as rolling over and the Sensitive setting will count nearly all movements.  I have only tried the normal setting, but I’m going to try the sensitive setting tonight to see what it shows.  I sleep with two dogs who are constantly trying to get the best spot, so I can’t wait to see how that shows up on the sleep monitor.

Next I looked at what Fitbit calls Sleep States.  The Fitbit Sleep tracker records three different states, Sleep, Restless and Awake. Sleep state is when your body is completely at rest and unmoving.  The restless state shows when your body transitioned from a still position to movement, such as turning over in bed.  This doesn’t mean that you are awake, just that you are not getting the most restful sleep possible.  The Awake state happens when you are moving so much that restful sleep would be impossible.

So, how does the Fitbit Sleep tracker know when you fall asleep or wake up was my next question?  The answer is simple. The tracker assumes that if you haven’t moved in an hour, you are asleep.  If you have the Charge HR or the Surge that measures heart rate, it will pick up the fact that your heart rates lowers and again, assume that you are asleep.  Another interesting fact is that the tracker will log naps, but only if they are over an hour long.

I was disappointed to find out that I could not change the sleep setting in the mobile App. You have to log into your Fitbit account, and it took me a few minutes of looking around to find the settings.  The steps below shows how I did it.

Go to  Click on the three small bars on the upper right hand side of the screen.

Fitbit Sleep tracker

Fitbit Home Page

Click on the Dashboard Tab.

Fitbit Sleep tracker

Fitbit Dashboard

Click on the Settings Gear

Fitbit Sleep tracker

Fitbit Gear

Click on the Devices Tab.

Fitbit sleep tracker

Fitbit Devices

Scroll down until you see the Sleep section.

Fitbit Sleep tracker

Fitbit Sleep Settings

Once you have the settings you want, sync the fitbit band to save the settings.

Fitbit Sleep Tracker…..