Amazing Wearables at E3 2015

Millions of people play video games, so it is not surprising that wearables are making huge strides in the gaming world. One example of this was shown at E3 where Microsoft had an amazing demo of their HoloLens for Minecraft. Using a special camera, they were able to show the audience what they would see if they were wearing the HoloLens.

Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft HoloLens

The demo began with the player looking at a wall where they could see their world, but the real magic began when the player looked at a flat table and gave the command “Create World.” It was mind blowing as the Minecraft world grew on the table right before my eyes. The player was able to interact with the world in new and amazing ways.

Minecraft Demo

Microsoft HoloLens Minecraft demo at E3 2015

One interesting difference between the HoloLens and other VR headsets is that the display is transparent so that the “real” world is still visible. The computer generated objects are displayed in the center of your vision and appear to take up space. Different modes, 2D, 3D and Reality Mode give different ways to interact with the Minecraft world.

Of course, like most current wearables, there are some drawbacks. Wearing the HoloLens is not comfortable and you have a narrow field of vision. You only see what is in the center of your vision and the CG items will disappear from view if you turn your head.

Check out this video from E3 to see some of the cool things you can do in Minecraft with Microsoft HoloLens.

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