Five Wearable Technologies You Can Get Today

With so many wonderful things in production, many people have asked if there are any good wearable technologies that are available right now.  Here is my list of 5 things that are worth a second look.


  1. Fitbit

Fitbit has a variety of fitness bands now available at prices ranging from around $60.00 for the Fitbit Zip to $195.99 for their latest release the Fitbit Charge HR.

Fitbit Zip Fitness Tracker

A great Fitness Tracker

The Charge HR continuously monitors the heart rate of the wearer and tracks data throughout the day.

Fitbit Charge HR

Fitbit Charge HR – a great fitness and sleep tracker

The devices will connect to over 120 different smartphones and devices, they sync wirelessly and automatically.  Like many other fitness bands, they are working with designers to make the fitness band something people actually want to wear.

Fitbit Fashion Band

Fitbit Fashion Band

I think it is one of the best fitness band for the price.  The app is great, allowing users to create challenges with friends to stay motivated throughout the day.   Fitbit bands do more than track activities.  The Fitbit sleep tracker shows sleep patterns, logging when you are restless and awake throughout the night.  Click Here to see on Amazon or Click Here to see on


  1. Rusty’s Wired Series

Rusty’s Wired Hoodies – These have built in speakers that are washable.  Some styles such as the Avalanche and Blizzard have earbuds that double as the strings of the hood, again washable.

Rusty's Wired Series

Earbuds are the pullstring.

The pocket has a jack to plug in to your device. (Washable)  As you can tell, I love the washable side of this product.

Rusty's Wired Series

Built in Speakers and Washable!

There are many styles to choose from with prices starting around $29.99.  Click Here to see on Amazon.


  1. Pebble Steel

While the world is waiting for the iWatch to hit the market, there are several smartwatches already available that are worth looking at.  One of these is the Pebble Steel.

Pebble Steel Smartwatch

Pebble Steel Smartwatch

The Pebble Steel allows you to read texts and email on your wrist.  You can answer incoming calls check calendars and there are thousands of apps and watch faces to customize the Pebble Steel.  One huge plus is the battery lasts 5-7 days, much longer that the iWatch which is projected to last less than a day.  It is also waterproof up to about 165 feet.  Cost – $239.95  Click Here to see on Amazon.


  1. Samsung Gear Live

Another smartwatch worth taking a look at is the Samsung Gear Live.  The Gear Live is compatible with any JellyBean, Android 4.3 or higher device, so you don’t have to have a Samsung phone for this to work.

Samsung Gear Live

Samsung Gear Live

Your Android apps will display on the screen.  It is also waterproof and lots of apps are available.  Downside, the battery only lasts one day.  The screen is always on(eating up that battery) and is really bright and easily visible in both dark and light.  Cost – $199.99  Click Here  to see on Amazon


  1. Mimo Smart Infant Monitor

Every new mother knows that anxious feeling when the baby is out of sight, making it hard to get anything done while the baby is sleeping.  The Mimo Smart Infant Monitor can help.

Mimo Smart Baby Monitor

Wearables for Babies

It sends information in real time to your Android or Apple device.  Sensors pick up body position, breathing patterns, skin temperature and more.  Extensive testing has been done to make sure this is safe for babies.  It comes in three different sizes for $199.99.  This includes monitor and three kimonos.  If you need more than three, refill kits with two kimonos are available for about $30.00.  Click Here to see on Amazon.

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