Broken Arm? Technology to the Rescue!

Anyone who has broken a limb, or had a child who broke one, knows the downside of wearing a cast.  The bulkiness, the smell, the itchiness, the fact that you can’t swim all summer long! Well, technology to the rescue!

3D Printed Cast

Deniz Karasahin

Turkish industrial designer, Deniz Karasahin recently won the A’Design Award for his 3D printed cast called The Osteoid.  It is printed in a latticework pattern and can be used with an ultrasound device to make the bone heal faster.

The Osteiod

The Osteiod 3D printed Cast

The Osteoid is still in the concept stage, and currently would be much more expensive than a traditional cast, but the cool factor is way through the roof!

Lace pattern 3D Printed Cast

Any Design is possible!


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2 Responses to “Broken Arm? Technology to the Rescue!”

  1. Wow! Wish I had one of these the summer I broke my arm when I was a kid! Couldn’t swim all summer.