The Internet Will Disappear – According to Google

Eric Schmidt, the chairman of Google was recently asked about the future of the internet at the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland. “I will answer very simply that the internet will disappear” was his reply.  He went on to say that there would be so many devices, sensors and things that you are wearing, that it would be part of your presence all the time.

The Internet of Things in which “things” are programmed to work on their own, will allow us to interact with our house, our clothes, our lighting, cars and so much more.  These devices will continue to become more efficient, seamlessly working their way into our lives.

While I am awestruck at some of things in production, part of me wonders if I am ready for this future.  Do I want a belt that gently squeezes my middle, telling me that I have eaten quite enough?  Or lights that turn down to tell me to go to bed?  I am not a child that needs to be reminded of these things!   I will turn off my Smartphone and Smart house and Smart clothes and be free from the tyranny of technology!  But then I would have to run all the way upstairs to turn off that light I see shining as I drive out of the driveway.  And be late for the exercise class that my phone is reminding me about!

I decide there is no sense fighting progress. The Internet of Things is already a part of our everyday life, bossing us around like an older sibling.  Now I have to go.  I have an app that is telling me it’s time to cook dinner, and what to cook, and how to cook it.  If only I had a “thing” that would cook it for me.

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