After a Month… Misfit Shine

I have been wearing the Misfit Shine for over a month so decided it’s time to let the world know what I think about it.


Comfort – 5 stars.  I am picky about what I wear on my wrist because I work on my computer so much and hate it when a band gets in the way.  The Shine band is soft and the monitor so light that most of the time I forgot I was wearing it.


Motivation – 4 stars.  I found earning the lights was a fun way to keep motivated.  I really didn’t think it would do much, but more than once I found myself running up and down the stairs at 10:00 at night because I needed one more light.


App – 2 stars.  The app was fine, and that was about all I can say about it.  It gave the basics such as step count and calories burned, but I would have liked to have seen more.

Durability – 5 stars.  The band  is so soft and the latch doesn’t look like much, but I never had it come unsnapped.  I worked hard helping my husband with various remodeling projects we are working on.

Tearing down drywall

Tearing down drywall is a dirty dusty job!

The conditions were dusty and dirty and I was dragging drywall to the dumpster, running a jackhammer taking some tile glue off the floor.  (FYI, jackhammering is a GREAT way to rack up those lights fast!

Jackhammer on the floor

Jackhammer was no problem for the Shine

Also, dragging old drywall down steps, major points! )


I never want to see these steps again. At least I was carrying stuff DOWN, not up.

The band could be covered with dust and dirt, and I could just wipe it off and it looked as good as new.

Wearing work gloves and the Shine

Looks as good as new.

Battery – 5 stars.  One of the great things about the Shine is you don’t have to recharge the battery.  I have had it for over a month, and when I check the battery level, it still shows full.

Other – Some of the accessories for the Shine are just awesome.  The fact that it can be taken out of the band and put in other devices has put it in a class of its own.  The Misfit website has everything from socks and shirts with special pockets to very stylish jewelry with Swarovski crystals.

Misfit Shine Swarovski Band

Misfit Shine Swarovski Band

The Misfit Shine proclaims “Motivation at a Glance” and I have found that it is true.  I did find myself wishing for more functions than just the lights, but overall, it is a fun way to remind myself to get more exercise.



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