Is Intel Inside Your Wearable Technology?? Seems Likely

If you buy a PC, chances are that it has an Intel processor. Intel has a 90 % share of the market when it comes to notebooks according to IDC, a firm that does market intelligence. But when you look at smartphones, it seems like Intel has just up and disappeared. Intel seems to knows that it doesn’t have a chance to compete in the mobile market, and instead of struggling to catch up, they are looking at wearable technology which is considered the wave of the future. And a very profitable wave it is. It is projected that the wearable technology trend will be worth a whopping $5.8 billion by 2018.

Because Intel makes chips, not products they are buying companies that are established and respected in the business. They are also partnering with some companies, mentoring others and seem to been on top of the game in every area that counts.

One notable partnering is the multiyear association with Luxxotica. This Italian corporation owns Sunglass Hut. It also owns Oakley, Ray-Ban, Arnette, and has the license to produces glasses for Chanel, Prada, D&G and other designer brands. Intel and Luxxotica are working together and plan on releasing their first devices together in 2015. With these two industry leaders, one a fashion and retail expert and the other a pro in processing power, it seems very likely indeed that we will soon be wearing smart glasses that not only work well, but look really, really good while doing it.

Other partners?

The Michael J. Fox Foundation to improve Parkinson’s Disease using monitoring

50 Cent to make BioSport headphones

Fossil Group to “accelerate wearable technology innovation worldwide.

ST-Ericsson to produce low-power, small wearable GPS chips

Open Ceremony to make smart bracelets (These will have their own phone number!)

AIQ to produce high-tech textiles

Intel powers the emotion sensing SYNAPSE Dress

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