So What is Wearable Technology Anyway???

The world is buzzing about wearable technology.  Everything from fashion to sports, medicine to fitness has some new gadget that you can put on your body to help with whatever it is you want to do.  In February 2015, the world’s first WT | Wearable Week will be held in Munich Germany.  The prestigious International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Las Vegas in January has added a new, Wearable Tech Award.  Android, Apple, Nike, Microsoft and about a million other companies are pushing some kind of wearable tech.   The question is, is it good, bad and worth all the attention it is getting?

When I first heard the term Wearable Technology some years ago, my mind jumped to some well know science fiction to find possible ideas about what it could be.  Star Trek came to mind where they just touch the little thingy on their chest to communicate with a star ship in orbit.  Jordy, another Star Trek character, can see due to a strange looking visor attached to implants on his head.  Or perhaps wearable technology is more like a Stormtrooper suit with built in weapons and climate control.  Since I didn’t know, I decided to do some checking and what I found fascinated me.

Wearables are considered to be the next tech frontier for consumer technology, and that frontier is changing at light speed.  At the 2014 CES in Las Vegas, the consensus was that the wearable tech was interesting, but not quite ready.  Less than a year later the shelves in the stores are stuffed with dozens of devices. I decided it was time to take a closer look and share my findings with the world.  Stay tuned for reviews, fun facts and more.

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One Response to “So What is Wearable Technology Anyway???”

  1. Looks like an interesting topic.